Drop 5 3/1/2017

2nd Ed. We have been in the dark since 2/11. Situation grave, but I see good opportunity on 4/11
No response yet. Was I not clear? Gladio requires immediate access to ISO/IEC friend.

W. Va. 2d. 7,040 insists his citation was properly translated: “By the will of Allah, Pa 12th identified which elements of the IS security and resilience structures require immediate financial input.” Determine location of Pa 12th.

Oreg. 3d. 6,540 repeats: ”We worry about them sand n’s too much. The resilience we need is from 2/11.” Between now and 4/11, let’s do it.

Md 9th. 6,940: Note worsening threats 4-9. Once again, nothing.

Tex 5th. 6,125—“Confirm immediately.” Still sleeping well?

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